Ballot Resources

Learn More About Who Is On Your Ballot

Registered in Harris County? Find your ballot here: Harris Votes Website

Registered somewhere else? Find your ballot here: Ballot Ready or Ballotpedia

You can also preview your ballot here: VOTE411 - Personalized Ballot

Learn more about current and previous local, state, and federal elections, candidates, and races at these nonpartisan sites:

Requesting Absentee Ballots

If you are registered to vote outside of Texas and would like to cast an absentee ballot in that state, visit RICE.TURBOVOTE.ORG to register, request an absentee ballot, and receive election reminders by email or text. (NOTE: college students who are residents of Texas must now register and vote at their local school address and will not be allowed to cast absentee ballots in their home counties.)

TurboVote will provide you with a digital copy of your state’s absentee ballot request form at the end of your signup process, but can also mail the form to you along with a pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelope.

Once you fill out your form and mail it to the proper election authority, you should expect to receive a by-mail ballot in advance of the next election. Please note that TurboVote does not send ballots; only election officials can do that. TurboVote provides the forms needed to request those ballots when possible.

Click the following link for an overview of how TurboVote mails your forms to you: TurboVote Mailings

If you need your ballot notarized, please reach out to the following people:

  • Joyce Bald, Hanszen College Coordinator, 101 Hanszen College
  • Sharon O'Leary, Lovett College Coordinator, 103 Lovett College
  • Jackie Carrizales, McMurtry College Coordinator

If you have to make any updates to your TurboVote account, click the link at the bottom of your last text or email from TurboVote to update your information or email to get access to your link!