Houston Youth
Voters Conference

The Houston Youth Voters Conference is a student-led, non-partisan collaboration between Houston-area schools with a mission to impact change in our communities by increasing youth voter registration, engagement, education and turnout. Over the last 4 years, we’ve seen more discussion than ever about voting rights, and Texas has been a key battleground in the fight to retain the right to vote. We’ve also seen the growing importance of local politics, as city and county leaders have made decisions on everything from mask mandates to budget allocation.

We believe that we, as Houston youth, can make a big impact locally. So, we’ve decided to bring the power to the youth at this year’s conference by hosting a summit for youth leaders from across the city to create a document of priorities for boosting youth engagement, education, registration, and turnout. At the conference, young people are invited to bring their own priorities to ensure that all opinions are heard by not only conference attendants, but the elected officials and community leaders that will make a commitment to young people by attending a Shark Tank-style presentation of a resolution detailing the priorities of Houston-area youth. The conference will be held in-person at University of Houston, Downtown.

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